Mission Statement


The Mission of Texas Health and Science University, the oldest institution of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Texas is:

To educate a new generation of leaders for the global community in the professions of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Business with a concentration in Healthcare Management, and to contribute to the global economy with their leadership, business acumen, English language competency, and professional skills;

To equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s competitive business environment; and for students of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to integrate this business knowledge and skills with training in the clinical therapies and applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the purpose of enhancing quality of life and community.


Educational Objectives: 

Graduates of this university will be qualified to meet the challenges of establishing and maintaining a successful profession in the 21st century, as evidenced by one or more of the following learning outcomes:

  • A systematic knowledge of the theories, philosophies, and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine including a thorough grounding in the Chinese medical classics;
  • The skills to assess patients and make an accurate TCM diagnosis and effective treatment plan;
  • The ability to formulate and apply acupuncture and Chinese herbs based upon the total assessment of the patient;
  • The skill to communicate accurately and effectively with other health care providers and appropriately refer patients to them;
  • The ability to communicate professionally with academic, professional colleagues, business leaders, industry, patients and the public with empathy, compassion, and integrity;
  • The training required for success in the global community as an international business leader, entrepreneur, manager, negotiator, vendor, or trader;
  • The confidence to find successful employment in a healthcare related field, including the competence to establish and manage an acupuncture practice in sole ownership or in partnership with other health care professionals, and to administer and manage a clinic, hospital, and/or pharmaceutical business;
  • The competence to comprehend, analyze, and critically evaluate relevant research from diverse sources, apply information effectively in academic, clinical and business settings, and demonstrate the potential to make significant scholarly contributions to the profession.                             


Approved by Board of Governors, April 23, 2013