Now Enrolling for Spring 2020

Classes Begin January 3rd


Congrats to Kelly on passing her board exam and on her way to get her acupuncture license!

Kelly had a BS in Psychology and wanted to focus her studies on mental health. Seeing an acupuncturist for her own anxiety issues got her curious about TCM and propelled her journey of going to an Acupuncture school.

“I’ve always been into holistic healing and I decided focus on TCM because I loved the eastern way of diagnosing and viewing the body.”

“I’m so excited to get my license and become a healer like I’ve always dreamed. I’m starting my own private practice at a co-op space with other alternative medicine practitioners!

Currently studying in THSU’s Doctor’s program and focusing on expending her successful practice 360 Jasmine Acupuncture Clinic in north Austin TX.

Jasmine transferred to THSU from another acupuncture school in Austin TX.

“The instructors at THSU were amazing. Teachers like Dr. Lee, Dr. Tan, and Dr. Cao provided us a very solid foundation of TCM education. At the student intern clinic, they allowed us the freedom to treat patients our own way while guiding us with practical advice. I discovered my specialization during this time, which is pain management. Other classmates focused on facial rejuvenation or weight loss…etc.”

“My old classmates who graduated from other schools that emphasized more on western medicine found themselves not knowing how to treat patients and had to take extra workshops & seminars…I made the right choice to come to THSU.”


Graduated from THSU in 2017, Jennifer has been practicing TCM in Austin at Luna Acupuncture & Apothecary for over 2 years.

With a degree in graphic design and looking for a change in her life when moved to Austin from Las Vegas, Jennifer was introduced to our school by a THSU alumni.

“I had chronic health issues and saw an acupuncturist in Vegas. He prescribed some herbs for me and I’ve been free of the pain ever since. I came to THSU wanted to get into herbalism and also to learn acupuncture and TCM, the whole eastern way of healing.”

“THSU professors’ insights during clinical training empowered us and helped us figuring out how to treat patients on our own. Dr. Lee, Dr. Tan, Dr. Cao, and Dr. Zheng were all amazing. Most of us passed our board exams before we graduated.”

Jennifer started her private practice 6 months after graduation.