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Campus Security Report Crime Statistics Report required by the Cleary Act. Available Here
F.E.R.P.A. – Family Education Rights and Privacy ActFederal Regulations protecting student’s academic and educational records.Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Satisfactory Academic ProgressCriteria for determining the satisfactory academic progress necessary to graduate or receive financial aid. Financial Aid Eligibility
Grievance Policy for StudentsGrievance Policy for resolving student conflicts and complaints.Grievance Policy for Students
Financial Aid Information Financial Aid Award Terms and ConditionsFinancial Aid Award Terms
State Authorizations Higher Education Accreditation Information for the State of Texas Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Sexual Misconduct University Policy for Sexual Misconduct Sexual Harassment Policy
Drugs & Alcohol University Policy Concerning the Use and Possession of Drugs and Alcohol on Campus Alcohol and Drugs
Withdrawal Policy University Policy Concerning Withdrawing from CoursesWithdrawal Policy