College of Business Sciences

The educational objectives of the Texas Health and Science University College of Business are to provide the intensive training in healthcare and business administration required for success in today’s global community as an international business leader, entrepreneur, manager, negotiator, vendor, or trader.

Our bachelor’s degree program is designed to prepare students with  the basic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in business and continue their business education at the graduate level. The emphasis of the program is to deliver contemporary best practices in management through the exploration of specific technical business-related disciplines.

Our master’s degree in business administration or business administration with a focus on healthcare management, are designed to equip graduates with the ability to plan, direct and coordinate strategic and operational activities as managers of healthcare companies and public or private-sector healthcare or other organizations.

Our graduates will be prepared to communicate skillfully, effectively, and professionally with healthcare and other industry, business leaders, employees, colleagues, and the public.

Our graduates will have the confidence to find employment in their chosen field of healthcare or business management, including the capability to establish and manage a successful clinic.

We will provide the means whereby our graduates may lead more financially productive lives and have successful professional careers in the United States or global community.

College of Business Programs