Austin Main Campus

Texas Health and Science University is located at 4005 Manchaca Road, deep in the heart of Austin’s 78704 neighborhood. This trendy creative community is in a beautiful tree-filled area, minutes from downtown. The campus is on one of the city’s major bus routes, making public transportation convenient and accessible to our students. Affordable apartments, rental houses and shopping centers are a short walking distance from the THSU campus, and many students live within a few blocks of the school.

The main campus is housed in a two-story building facing Manchaca Road. The administrative offices are just inside to the right before one enters our relaxation courtyard. The courtyard is lavishly appointed with a 4 tier travertine fountain and marble statuary representing the four seasons. Several koi make their home in the base of the fountain. This area acts as the main hub of the school through which all students pass on their way to classes.

Our main classrooms all have windows overlooking the courtyard and are located on the second floor. The library is located on the first floor at the end of the hallway coming from the courtyard area. The student lockers, mailboxes, lounge and kitchen are located on the second floor. Lockers are available for students to check out on a per-semester basis at no charge.

San Antonio Branch Campus

Texas Health and Science University has opened a branch campus in San Antonio. Located at 9240 Guilbeau Road, in San Antonio, Texas, 78250, this 3,000 square foot facility is owned and leased to Texas Health and Science University by the University of the Incarnate Word.The premises leased by Texas Health and Science University are divided between clinic treatment space, and administrative offices.

At the University of Incarnate Word Saidoff Center, next door to the THSU clinic and administrative offices, the university has a total of five (5) designated classroom spaces, outfitted with electronic multimedia equipment, including a projector and screen for visual (“PowerPoint”) presentations. Each of these classrooms has seating capacity for approximately forty (40) students each. WiFi access is available for students who wish to bring their computers to class. Morning and afternoon classes are offered during the week. The THSU administrative and instructors’ offices are located in the same building as the clinic to serve the needs of the students.

The THSU Student Clinic encompasses 1,050 square feet of floor space and has plenty of off-street parking spaces. All areas, inside and out, are protected by electronic security and monitoring systems. The clinic building has five treatment rooms, one discussion room, one classroom, the campus library, the administrative offices, restrooms, and water fountain/hand-wash sink area. The herb dispensary contains herbal offerings in pill form, and raw herbs. The facility offers our practitioner-instructors, interns and their patients the highest quality and most modern internship facility available for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, demonstrating once more THSU’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of its Mission and operations. Students also have a the ability to buy their acupuncture supplies on campus.

The UIW library, adjacent to the classrooms, provides additional services to THSU students by allowing them to use the library facilities in the UIW building. The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) Saidoff Center Library is available to students attending THSU classes in San Antonio. THSU students have full library privileges to the library. The UIW Saidoff Center Library is approximately 2,000 square feet. It contains 10 tables, 10 study carrels, 6 chairs with laptop tables attached to them, and 31 stand-alone chairs for the tables, study carrels, and computer desks. Six computers have guest access logins which THSU students may access. Three of the computers have handicap accessible desks. Equipment includes one book scanner and a printer that THSU students can use to scan documents and email to their email. The UIW Saidoff Center is the home to UIW’s physical therapy program, and their library staff has developed their print and electronic collection on subjects pertinent to that program, focusing on biomedical materials.

General Shu-Ping Tsao Library

The General Shu-Ping Tsao library was dedicated in April of 2003, and is housed in the rear of the building. The library has more than 5000 volumes comprised of three main areas of interest. Our Chinese language collection houses over 900 titles in Chinese plus an exclusive collection of notes and journals. The English language collection is restricted to topics germane to our students, such as medicine, science, and business. Its subjects include: acupuncture, oriental medicine, herbology, biomedicine, psychology, western medicine and business. The third area of the library is the research area. Our research resources include several print journals covering western medicine, alternative health and acupuncture, as well as additional electronic resources.

In January of 2012, the library upgraded its database access. The new service allows students and faculty to access over 700 e-books and almost 1100 medical journals with back issues for most journals as far back as 1995. Search results are not limited to the contents of our subscription but also include results from multiple other databases. All results provide at least the index and abstracts of the articles. Students are allowed to access this resource from either the campus directly or from the comfort of their own study facilities. There are two student computer labs: one intended for casual use, homework and email on the second floor, and a second lab with additional research resources located inside the library. High speed wireless internet services are available throughout the campus for student use.

Students are required to attend a library orientation at the start of the program and are provided with a handbook detailing the library services at that time. Students may use the library computers for homework and printing. Copying and scanning services are also available. The General Shu-Ping Tsao Library is a member of the National Libraries of Medicine and is able to share resources with other member libraries as well as with the J.E. and L.E. Maybee Library at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.

THSU Student Clinics

THSU offers its students practical hands on experience in providing acupuncture treatments and receiving treatments through its student intern clinic. Housed with the Austin Acupuncture Clinic at 1707 Fortview Road, our student interns have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in a professional setting under the supervision of licensed acupuncturists who serve as clinic supervisors. Additionally students are encouraged to receive treatments at a greatly reduced cost should they need care.

The 5,000 square foot clinic is convenient to the university, allowing students to walk to and from the main campus. There are 15 spacious treatment rooms, an intern discussion room, bookstore and a fully stocked herbal dispensary. Our dispensary carries over 500 different kinds of raw herbs, patent pills and granular extracts from the TCM herbal pharmacopoeia.

The THSU Student Intern Clinic shares its facility with Austin Acupuncture Clinic (AAC), a professional acupuncture services clinic which provides a location for our faculty to practice their profession. AAC reserves 7 of the treatment rooms for its use and maintains separate check in and accounting systems.

In San Antonio, the student intern clinic shares its facility with the Acupuncture Health Clinic which also serves as a professional acupuncture clinic for San Antonio faculty to practice their profession. However, Acupuncture Health Clinic maintains separate patient files and separate accounting systems from the student intern clinic.