Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty

Dr. Maoyi Cai, M.D. Biomedical Director

Maoyi Cai, M.D., M.S., Dipl.O.M. (NCCAOM) (Austin and San Antonio Campus)


Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM, USA, 2009 – Present
M.D., Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), USA and
Medical Council of Canada (MCC), Canada
Master of Science, Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso
Bachelor of Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Fu Dan University (formerly Shanghai Medical University)

Teaching Specialization: Biomedical Sciences and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Maoyi Cai served as a board member of the Acupuncture Committee of Alberta, Canada, from 2003 to 2005. He was also the Dean of Academic Affairs at Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, between 1997 and 2005. Dr. Cai passed the American and Canadian medical licensing examinations, and was certified as an M.D. in 1997 and 1999, respectively. Between 1990 and 1996, Dr. Cai taught a variety of biomedical science courses at colleges and universities in Texas and New Mexico. Dr. Cai practiced medicine, in the Shanghai Medical University, from 1984 to 1990. Dr. Cai joined the faculty of the Texas Health and Science University in January, 2006. Dr. Cai has been the Academic Dean since 2008.

Dr. Haitao Cao, L. Ac., Ph. D.

Haitao Cao, Lic. Ac., Ph.D.

Ph.D., Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Internal Medicine, Shaanxi College of TCM
Bachelor’s of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shaanxi College of TCM

Teaching Specialization: Acupuncture and Herbology

Dr. Cao earned her Master’s degree in 2003 and her Doctorate in 2006. She came to the University in January of 2007 with over ten years of experience as a clinician, instructor, and researcher in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in Internal Medicine. She has published original research in journals such as Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine on Digestion, and has edited volumes such as Methodology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Shaozhi Li

Shaozhi Li, L. Ac., PH.D.

Ph.D., Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Master Degree of Medicine, Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Doctor of Medicine, Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Teaching Specialization: Acupuncture and Herbology

A specialist in TCM diagnosis, Li has taught TCM for over 18 years in China, the U.S., and Russia. He served as Deputy Director at Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Visiting Scholar at Michigan State University, and Associate Chair at Hunan College in China. He has extensive clinical experience and numerous publications to his credit, including:

Chinese Therapeutic Methods of Acupoints, Theories of Chinese Medicine from Traditional to Modern, Teaching and Study of Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Diagnostics, Exercises of Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Reference of Dignostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Diagnosis and Differentiation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Among Dr. Li’s research papers are:

On Diagnostic method of integrated diseases and symptoms of NanjiangTan Riqiang’s experience of treating fever, Primary observation of sphygmogram in the patients with heart-qi deficiency, and Observation on sphygmogram and cardiac output in coronary heart disease with heart-qi deficiency.

Li has been a faculty member at the University since 2001.

Linying Tan

Lin-ying Tan, Lic.Ac. Ph.D. (Austin and San Antonio Campus)

Ph.D.,Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
M.M.S., Guang Xi Research Institute of Acupuncture & Moxibustion, China
B.M., Guang Xi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Teaching Specialization: Acupuncture and Herbology

Dr. Tan has been a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than seventeen (17) years; she has taught professionally for more than eleven (11) years, and has been a practitioner of acupuncture for more than six (6) years.  She loves the culture of TCM and the “amazing magic therapeutic effect of acupuncture and moxibustion.”  As a post graduate student for the doctorate degree, she majored in Acupuncture and Moxibustion at Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture & Moxibustion and served as Attending Physician of Acupuncture in the clinic  She has also taught basic theory of TCM and the theory and application of acupuncture and moxibustion.  She is the author, principal and/or co-researcher of more than sixteen (16) published research articles and studies.  Dr. Tan became a member of the core faculty of Texas Health and Science University in May of 2012.


Allison Y Yu, Lic. Ac., M.S.A.O.M. (Austin and San Antonio Campus)

Clinic Supervisor

M.A.O.M., Texas Health and Science University
M.Ed. in Counseling Education from University of North Texas

Ms. Allison Yu is a Texas licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and is nationally recognized as a board-certified Diplomat in oriental medicine by the NCCAOM.  With a background in education, she has been supervising the Student Intern Clinic at THSU and bringing her practical experience to help students with theoretical understanding.  Along with her general practice, she has strong interests in pain management, reproductive and gynecological conditions, and “Shen – Zhi” conditions which include insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic, PTSD, ADHD and weight control.  With over 10 years’  practice as an alternative health care professional, her passion is being a healer by combining a counseling and education background with Chinese medicine methods.  She helps her patients to cultivate a holistic understanding of the influences of body, mind, spirit, and environment, and she provides her patients with whole health treatments.

Dr. Guili Zheng, Herb Director

Guili Zheng, Lic.Ac., Ph.D.

Ph.D., Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, China
Master of Medicine, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Bachelor of Medicine, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Teaching Specialization: Herbology

Dr. Zheng served as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor , and Associate Dean at Shandong University of TCM. He is a member of the China National Committee of Chinese Medicinal Formulae, paper reviewer of Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Journal of Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to his more than 20 years of teaching, research, and clinical research experience, Dr. Zheng has almost 20 papers and books of TCM published in both Chinese and English. Dr. Zheng joined the faculty of Texas Health and Science University in 2001

Kai-109x180Kai-Chang Chan, D.A.O.M., Lic.Ac., M.S.A.O.M. (San Antonio Campus)

D.A.O.M, Texas Health and Science University
M.S.A.O.M., Texas Health and Science University
B.S., Physical Therapy, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Dr. Chan comes to the faculty of Texas Health and Science University with a rich heritage in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Born in Taiwan and raised in a family culture committed to the business of Chinese herbs, Kai developed an early interest in the profession of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  He earned his bachelor’s degree with a major in Physical Therapy with a specialty in sport medicine and pain management.  After receiving his Physical Therapy License, he has complemented these skills with his interest in the special techniques of cupping and Asian Body Work.  Dr. Chan is a graduate of Texas Health and Science University in the Class of 2013.  He was Valedictorian of his class with the highest cumulative Grade Point Average and Academic Honor.  He teaches in the San Antonio classrooms and works as a Licensed Acupuncturist practitioner in the Clinic.

Roberto Guerrero

Roberto G. Guerrero, D.A.O.M., L.Ac., MAOM (San Antonio Campus)

D.A.O.M, Texas Health and Science University
M.A.O.M., Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
B.A., Psychology, The University of Texas in San Antonio

Teaching Specialization:  Acupuncture

Academic Dean/ Clinical Director

Dr. Guerrero, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, is Owner of Alamo Acucare, a practice located in San Antonio, Texas, which specializes in pain management, chronic conditions, martial arts, and sport related injuries.  He received his Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree from Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, now known as Texas Health and Science University.  He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Texas in San Antonio. Dr. Guerrero is Senior Instructor at the Mu Sool Won of San Antonio, Martial Arts Center.  His love and involvement in the martial arts was the main catalyst for his initial interest, and later pursuit, of a career in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He holds a Third degree black belt in Ku Sool Won, and is a Fifth Degree candidate in Mu Sool Won, a Traditional Korean Martial Art.  Dr. Guerrero has finished the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program, Texas Health and Science University.

O'Shea 2Sarah Jane O’Shea, Ph.D., M.S.A.O.M

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Missouri at Kansas City
M.S.O.M., Texas Health and Science University

Dr. O’Shea began her professional career as a licensed psychologist in private practice in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated with honors from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1982 with a Ph.D. in counseling. She served as a psychological consultant to the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Sarah Jane O’Shea was a graduate school instructor in the Webster University School of Nursing in Kansas City. She was also an instructor at St. Edward’s University for seven years teaching courses in family counseling, organizational behavior, human resource development, business administration, practice management and ethics. From 2005 to 2009, Dr, O’Shea worked as an instructor and a clinic supervisor at Texas Health and Science University (formerly Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Dr. O’Shea has received diplomas in acupuncture, herbs, and oriental medicine from NCCAOM and has been practicing as a licensed acupuncturist in Texas since 2005. Dr. O’Shea brings her advanced degrees in both counseling and Chinese medicine to the positions of classroom instructor, clinic supervisor, and Dean of Students along with a deep personal commitment to help students with the academic challenges and personal growth opportunities afforded by the degree programs at Texas Health and Sciences University.


Virginia Hisghman, Ph.D., Lic.Ac

Ph.D., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA M.S.O.M., Texas Health and Science University, Austin, TX
B.A., University of Texas, Austin, TX
Teaching Specialization: Research Methodology

Dr. Hisghman was awarded an NIH Pre-doctoral Fellowship to the Center for Complementary and Alternative Therapies at the University of Virginia. She wrote the acupuncture section of the UVa’s first NIH funded acupuncture research grant and served as the clinical trial coordinator for the study. Dr. Hisghman is a certified national trainer for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and maintains a private practice in Winchester, Virginia.

Phyllis Kung - smallPhyllis Jen Yurn Kung, L.Ac., M.S.A.O.M.

M.A.O.M., Texas Health and Science University
B.A., English, Boston College

Ms. Phyllis Kung is a recent graduate of Texas Health and Science University who earned honor and distinction as Valedictorian of her graduating class in 2010. She is also certified in cosmetic acupuncture by Denise Elliger, L.Ac., co-founder of the MeiZen protocol and founder of the Center for Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Her primary focus includes lifestyle improvement acupuncture, including stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, facial rejuvenation, and sports injury medicine. Ms. Kung currently serves as Secretary of the Texas Association of Acupuncturists.

Tiffany SmithTiffany Smith, Lic.Ac., M.S.A.O.M.

M.S.A.O.M., Texas Health and Science University
M.S., Microbiology and Immunology, Texas Tech University
B.S., Microbiology, Texas Tech University

Ms. Smith is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, and a board-certified Diplomat in Oriental Medicine.  A graduate of Texas Health and Science University in August 2012, Ms. Smith was the Valedictorian of her class graduating with highest academic honors at the Summer Graduation Ceremony.  She earned her bachelor’ s degree in Microbiology and the Master of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology at Texas Tech University.   Prior to pursuing a degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Smith spent 15 years in the biotech industry as a research scientist, technical writer, and marketing manager.  Smith also has taught at Austin Community College and joined the Faculty of Texas Health and Science University in 2013. She teaches courses in Western Biomedical Sciences.  She maintains her own acupuncture practice specializing in pain and stress management, and Internal Medicine.

Charese LanderCharese R. Lande, Licensed Physical Therapist (Austin Campus)

B.S., University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio
B.A., University of Texas at Austin

Ms. Lande has worked as a physical therapist for over 30 years in a variety of healthcare practice settings. She has extensive experience providing rehabilitative care to patients with chronic orthopedic, neurological, and mental conditions, and has included pediatric patients in her practice. Ms. Lande has served as Senior Physical Therapist and Acting Interim Co-Director at St. David’s Medical Center, Sports/Ortho Team. She has also delivered outpatient services for injured workers with work conditioning, work-hardening and acute management of injuries in a start-up industrial medicine clinic which interfaced with 400 companies. Ms. Lande currently works in private practice alongside licensed acupuncturists to provide a holistic model of healthcare to address a wide amount of symptoms and issues related to the origins of pain. Ms. Lande teaches integrative clinical skills at Texas Health and Science University.

Aaron RootAaron Root, D.C., D.A.C.N.B., Dipl.Ac., F.A.C.F.N. (San Antonio Campus)

Doctor of Chiropractic, Texas Chiropractic College

Dr. Root has been in practice since 1993, and, in addition to his impressive background in chi-ropractic medicine, has extensive education, training, and experience in a range of TCM and related modalities. A Fellow of American College of Functional Neurology, Dr. Root specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders, pain syndromes, chronic illnesses, and the application of acupuncture and other techniques within the broader context of functional medicine, and is Team Doctor and Consultant for the Cambodian National Volleyball League for the Disabled. Dr. Root’s areas of expertise and interest include functional genomics, nutritional biochemistry, neurology, and endocrinology.

Carol Solesbee, MSAOM, MSA, Lic. Ac.

MBA Instructor

M.S.A.O.M.  Texas Health And Science University
MSA, Central Michigan University
B.S. TCM, Texas Health And Science University
B.S. Computer Information Systems, University of New York / Regents College
Defense Acquisition University, Program Management

Teaching Specialization:  Business

Ms. Solesbee brings her extensive experience in computer systems, contracting, operations, and business management to Texas Health And Science University from the U.S. Army.  Prior to beginning her education in TCM, she worked at the highest levels of the Army as a colonel with specialties in computer information systems, acquisition, software program development, contracting, and operations.  Ms. Solesbee had over 34 years of service with the military including command and life cycle support of over 124 programs with annual execution budget of $374.8M and an annual program budget of $2.306B.  She lead and directed a muti-disciplined government-industry workforce of 4354 civilian military personnel located around the world to support the Department of Defense’s requirements.  Carol is currently working on her national boards to become a L.Ac. and is currently enrolled  in Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a specialty in pain.

Wenjie Sun, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Community Medicine, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Master of Medicine in Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, China
M.D. Preventative Medicine, Anhui Medical University, Hefei, China

Teaching Specialization: Community Medicine, Public Health, and Nutrition

Dr. Sun served as physician in residence, assistant professor, epidemiologist and senior research scientist in China. He was a postdoctoral fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center and research associate as well as instructor at Tulane University’s School of Public Health in New Orleans. He is currently a research specialist at the Texas Department of State Health Services. Dr. Sun has co-authored numerous publications in the areas of cancer, psychiatry, social epidemiology, nutrition, infectious diseases and environmental epidemiology.