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THSU Blog: Dr. Chan: Goji Berries

Posted by on Friday, February 15th, 2019 in THSU Blog
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Posted by on Sunday, January 20th, 2019 in Uncategorized

美國德州健康與科學大學(Texas Health and Science University) 是德州第一間中醫學院,師資優良,軟硬體設備齊全,認真辦學,29年來在奧斯汀培育出許多中醫人才,畢業的學生們都在全球各地懸壺濟世、嶄露光芒。 此優秀的成績也獲得台灣教育部以及中國教育部的肯定 ,在 中華人民共和國教育部教育涉外監管信息網,以及 中華民國教育部外國大學名冊參考系統內,德州健康與科學大學都在名單上 ,證明本校的教學水平深受肯定 ,是值得信賴的海外中醫留學學校 。 網站連結如下: 中華民國教育部外國大學名冊參考系統(台灣) https://www.fsedu.moe.gov.tw/         中華人民共和國教育部教育涉外監管信息網 http://www.jsj.edu.cn/news/1/211.shtml

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Approved House Bills for Acupuncture Treatments Through Medicare

Posted by on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 in News

From the following website: https://www.taoa.org/2018/10/approved-house-bills-for-acupuncture-treatments-through-medicare/   Great news! In response to the opioid crisis in America, several bills have been proposed by The House of Representatives to create alternatives to opioids for use in pain management. One such item within these bills cites acupuncture as a possible treatment alternative that would be covered by Medicare were […]

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學校資訊​  >  學校信息​ 本校獲得中國與台灣教育部認證 美國德州健康與科學大學(Texas Health and Science University) 是德州第一間中醫學院,師資優良,軟硬體設備齊全,加上創辦人林曹平惠(Lisa Lin)女士的認真辦學,二十幾年來,在奧斯汀培育出許多中醫人才,畢業的學生們都在全球各地懸壺濟世、嶄露光芒。 此優秀的成績也獲得台灣教育部以及中國教育部的肯定 ,在 中華人民共和國教育部教育涉外監管信息網 , 以及 中華民國教育部外國大學名冊參考系統 內 ,德州健康與科學大學都在名單上 ,證明本校的教學水平深受肯定 ,是值得信賴的海外中醫留學學校 。   網站連結如下: 中華民國教育部外國大學名冊參考系統(台灣) https://www.fsedu.moe.gov.tw/   中華人民共和國教育部教育涉外監管信息網 http://www.jsj.edu.cn/news/1/211.shtml 有人就會問:為什麼要到美國讀中醫呢? 德州健康與科學大學特別著重在傳統中醫教學,尤其是經典課程,如傷寒,溫病、金匱,金元四大家,內科 , 婦科等之教學,為美國其他中醫學校所不具,而且學校另出書傷寒,金匱著作為學生專用之工具書。眾所皆知,針灸療效顯著,但慢性病與中藥結合則如虎添翼,德州健康與科學大學因此加強在中藥及方劑方面的學習,與台灣或中國的中醫課程同樣著重這方面的學習。 另一個原因是在台灣想讀中醫,除了靠聯考制度擠進中醫學士班的窄門,或者考錄取率不到1成的學士後中醫,都不是一件容易的事。更不用說學士班需要漫長的8年時間才能畢業,就算是學士後中醫班,也需要5年的時間。即便是畢業後, 學生也必須在醫院實習2年,才能自行看診開業。在中國讀中醫 ,雖然只要五年的時間 ,但是競爭激烈 ,沒有在地方醫院待個五或六年 ,是很難熬出頭 , 自行開業的 。 台灣或中國的中醫師薪水雖高, 但一天的看診量也是很可觀,而且市場趨於飽和,短短的一條街上,就有四家中醫診所,十分競爭。 現今美國人對中醫接受度提升,市場需求發展會越來越大。 因美國的醫療文化,為了提供良好的醫療品質給顧客,醫生一天內的看診數大約十至二十人,但是收入卻等於甚至高於台灣跟中國 。 因此在 美國讀中醫並在美國執業將會是您明智的選擇。

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President Lisa Lin a Finalist in Austin Business Journal

Posted by on Monday, August 27th, 2018 in News

THSU President Lisa Lin was just recently featured as a nominee and finalist in the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power: Central Texas Women of Influence” Awards! Please give President Lin your heartfelt congratulations for receiving an honorable recognition amidst such fierce competition. She will always be No. 1 to the faculty, staff, and students […]

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Summer 2018 Graduation Ceremony Date

Posted by on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 in News

The graduation ceremony for the THSU graduates of Summer 2018 will be held on Saturday, August 25th at 10:00am at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Please feel free to come out and cheer on THSU’s newest graduating class. If you’re not able to make it out, don’t worry! Pictures of the event will be […]

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Congratulations Summer 2017 Graduates

Posted by on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 in News

Congratulations to our Summer 2017 graduates! We were very proud to have had graduates from all of our programs and we had a great time celebrating this momentous occasion with family and friends. We can’t wait for our next graduation, December 17, 2017!

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訪美國德州中醫學院校長 曹平惠

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THSU TCM Research Summit 2017 Call for Presentations

Posted by on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 in August 2017, News

Welcome to the THSU TCM Research Summit 2017 Call for Presentations (CFP) THSU TCM Research Summit 2017: Freedom to Choose the Healthcare Patients Want Dates: September 09, 2017 Location: THSU Campus, Austin, Texas The Abstract Submission period is now open! The Organizing Committee is encouraging submissions relating to the following Research Themes: Current studies, mechanisms, […]

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Needles in, stress out: Travis County deputies turning to acupuncture

Posted by on Thursday, July 13th, 2017 in July 2017, News

AUSTIN (KXAN) — There’s a common phrase among corrections officers: The stress behind the fence. “You do not know what you’re going to get into every day and also the stress of us being the academy. We have five hours of the academy and then eight hours of work after that every day,” said Travis […]

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