Our School

Texas Health and Science University welcomes your interest in our school, and we are very happy to have you visit our site. We’d like to share a message from our president, Lisa Ping-Hui Tsao Lin Lic.Ac. E.M.B.A.:


When you choose the path of Texas Health and Science University, you not only begin a career as an effective and much needed health care professional, but are also welcomed into the oldest continuously practiced system of health and healing. If someone chooses conventional Western medicine as a profession there are many obstacles to overcome. Time and money, as it is well known, must be in abundant supply when earning an M.D. A hundred thousand dollars of education expenses and as many as twelve years of school await these brave individuals. Once schooling is complete, there is a whole new set of costs when starting one’s own practice.

We believe the desire to help people should be fostered by schools and medical treatment should be easily accessible to the community, so we offer our college in the name of this cause. Consider the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a cost-effective alternative. Qualified students can usually complete a degree plan in a little over three years at a fraction of the cost of earning an M.D., with all the effectiveness and specialization of an M.D.

Acupuncturists also benefit from low overhead when starting their business. Treatments are more affordable, which means more clients are helped with less cost. No waiting for your business to take off, instead you are seeing positive results immediately thanks to affordable start-up and operating expenses. We strive to deliver the most complete, deeply rooted education in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I hope you will consider Texas Health and Science University. Since day one of this unique school we’ve trained highly qualified practitioners of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our graduates have gone on to succeed beyond their wildest expectations, and we look forward to helping you do the same. Lisa Ping-Hui Tsao Lin  – December 2011