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Student Clinics

Texas Health And Science University offers its students practical hands on experience in providing acupuncture treatments and receiving treatments through its student intern clinic. In our student clinics, our student interns have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in a professional setting under the supervision of licensed acupuncturists who serve as clinic supervisors. Additionally students are encouraged to receive treatments at a greatly reduced cost should they need care. 

The student clinic is convenient to the university, allowing students to walk to and from the main campus. There are 15 spacious treatment rooms, an intern discussion room, bookstore and a fully stocked herbal dispensary. Our dispensary carries over 500 different kinds of raw herbs, patent pills and granular extracts from the TCM herbal pharmacopoeia. 

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Students see a wide range of health conditions that includes but are not limited to:

• Pain management • Allergies • Fertility and women’s issues
• Smoking cessation/Addictions • Stress and anxiety
• Sports injuries • Facial acupuncture

Austin Student Clinic

San Antonio Student Clinic

1707 Fortview Dr, Austin, TX 78704
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9240 Guilbeau Rd #102, San Antonio, TX 78250
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