Calculating the Cost of a THSU Education in the Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program

At THSU, our financial aid awarding process is based on the cost of attendance for 1 academic year or 2 consecutive trimesters, not calendar based years. There are three trimesters to a calendar year.  The standard student budget for the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program is constructed using the Cost of Living index and the cost of tuition and fees is based on the total program amount divided by 10 trimesters, the normal time scheduled for program completion for students attending the program full-time. Full-time students in our graduate program normally enroll for 15-21 credit hours per semester.

The amounts listed below for everything other than tuition, books, and fees, are only a rough estimate and can vary widely depending on the particular needs of the individual student.  THSU is located on a main Capital Metro bus line, so public transportation from some locations may be an option.

Four Month Budget:

Tuition and Fees = $5,835

Books and Materials = $500

Room and Board = $5,797 (est.)

Transportation = $1,167

Personal Expenses = $1,460 (est.)

Total $14,759 / Trimester (est.)

Other special expenses can be added into the cost of attendance with documentation attached. Examples are: Extraordinary class supplies, disabilities, medical expenses, or child care costs.

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